How we choose our Specialists

Top doctors provide best outcomes. That is why GrandOpinion only works with the best


Our esteemed panel is handpicked for their training, experience and reputation in their field of specialization.
Doctors don't pick GrandOpinion; but GrandOpinion picks them. Patient outcomes are 45% better with academic, renowned GrandOpinion specialists with high-tech hospitals GrandOpinion physicians are world-recognized, specialty leading physicians. They are:

Affiliated With Premier Research Hospitals

including Cornell, NYU, the Cleveland Clinic, Washington University and John Hopkins. In fact, we have more leading specialists than any speciality hospital combined, and they're the best


by their peers. We ask our specialists a simple question about who they recommend should treat their own family member. Only the most respected physicians are allowed to work with GrandOpinion patients

Leading Researchers

who publish in high-impact journals, writing the guidelines other doctors follow. On average, their knowledge and cutting-edge treatments are way ahead of other doctors in the same field

Hand Selected and Approved

by GrandOpinion medical staff and personally invited to participate on our panel of experts. Trained at the world's leading med schools, residencies and fellowships


To ensure our patients highest- quality care, GrandOpinion meet up is only scheduled via a phone or video call after the consult has been provided by the specialist. We only work with a handful of physicians in our field of expertise and have handpicked them for their training, background, experience, reputation and success rates. All our physicians have a cross cultural background and experience and follow state of the art practices. Our referral to patients close geographically located top specialist is also possible in the meet up after our initial consult.


Leading specialists have substantially grown their practices by joining our referral network. If GrandOpinion hasn't reached out to you yet, we'd love to hear from you. Please use our secure site to, submit your resume and a peer recommendations for review by our team

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