For Corporations


Hiring and retaining talent is every company's top priority; controlling your company's healthcare costs should be one too

We offer a comprehensive technology platform to help you achieve this highest healthcare standard for your employees

Your enrolled employees can use our services on behalf of themselves as well as their immediate and extended families though a personalized PHR which includes:

  • Expert opinion delivered online from our physicians and specialists can considerably change users healthcare outcome. Saves money and saves life. It is a great contribution that any company can make towards their staff when they receive the diagnosis and treatment plan from our doctors
  • Clinic visits for your employees to see a specialist making sure the highest quality interaction is possible, when they need it most. We locate and schedule clinic visits with our panel of specialists for your employees. Prioritize clinics that are close t patients home and other logistics on their behalf so there is no wait time

Our physician and specialist network is extremely powerful and we don't accept just anyone. We have high standards of admission in our panel of specialists both in India and overseas


GrandOpinion gives your employees access to the top specialists in the country and across the globe - avoiding unnecessary surgeries, failed treatments, and repeat procedures.

Statistics shows that 15% of the cases incur 60% of the expenses for employers and even then they don't have the right guidance and tools to resolve such issues

As a corporation your majority of the spend on healthcare comes from a smaller number of complex and expensive cases that emerge in your company every year. Our platform addresses this concern and specifically targets the complicated and expensive healthcare conditions to deliver the best possible outcome for your employees at the lowest possible cost

There is an urgent need to adopt measures to reduce absenteeism, increase employee productivity and reduce healthcare expenditure. According to a study by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reducing just one health risk, increases on-the-job productivity by 9% and cuts absenteeism by 2%

GrandOpinion delivers an opinion that zeroes in on the costliest medical conditions in an employer's population in order to deliver the best possible outcomes at the lowest possible cost. We've found that when a GrandOpinion specialist delivers "state-of-the-art" care versus "standard care," they're able to:

  • Change or modify diagnoses/treatment over 75% of the time
  • Create 5X shorter hospital stays and 45% higher survival rates
  • Save employers huge amount of healthcare expenses

Each of these services is powered by our Platform:

Physicians and Support Team

Our highly-trained staff physicians oversee all patient interaction, while our support coordinators ensure that all patient questions are answered by qualified experts.


We carefully select the members of our physician network to ensure that patients always receive "state of the art" care versus "standard care. Our doctors are the ones whom other doctors turn to for advice and guidance-the leaders in their fields.

Digital Records

Any patient who works with GrandOpinion will have immediate access to their digital records in the cloud, ensuring they have them when they need them most. Physicians also love the convenience of reviewing a case via a "virtual clinic," which in turn ensures that patients receive opinions quickly.

For a GrandOpinion from our top medical specialist


We gather employee records into a patient profile, adhering to the strictest security and privacy standards


We help match the employee with a top physician/specialist who specializes in the employee's specific condition


Employee receives a written medical performa/opinion, tele-consult from our specialist in a matter of hours, confirming or modifying the original diagnosis

For a LIVE tele-consult with our Top Specialist


We will present top physician who is available and online for consult


GrandOpinion connects you to the top physician on the panel in a matter of hours. Talk or Video consult


We touch base with the employee to ensure the treatment received was world-class

Be more than well. Be well prepared

GrandOpinion is one of the world's first companies to provide a complete suite of telemedicine solutions from a single integrated platform. Through Online Personal Health Records and our online healthcare tools, GrandOpinion members are more prepared to manage their entire family's health care more efficiently.

Members can also share their medical history with select family members and providers to improve treatment outcomes and cultivate better care, helping to save, money, time and lives.

Control and take charge of your healthcare; from anywhere in the world

  • Whether you are an individual, employee, or company, GrandOpinion gives you access to your healthcare information when you want it.
  • Our platform offers a complete suite of telemedicine solutions allowing members to request an electronic web consult, to obtain a second medical opinion in as fast as 48 hours or access their complete medical history anytime, anywhere from their computer or mobile device
  • Companies have saved thousands of dollars by enrolling with GrandOpinion and offering our services to its employees

Not bound by borders. Anywhere, anytime. GrandOpinion is present and accessible across the globe

We have helped patients get the best in class medical outcomes in 4 countries outside USA. GrandOpinion supports and believes in the top medical consult should not be accessible to just fortunate few but everyone. Our corporate and employee driven plan has supported and will continue to make leads into extending GrandOpinion across companies.

Support your employees and their immediate and extended families across the world- wherever they are and whenever they need the best medical outcome

Your business isn't just in the United States; it's all over the world. GrandOpinion delivers its medical opinions and consults worldwide. For your overseas employees and family members who need cases reviewed by a world-leading expert, we can help. We have run cases in 4 countries and support over 5 languages worldwide.

Does it matter?

It sure does. Your employee's travel worldwide and distance is not a factor. Their benefits must go with them and delivered to them when they need it most. They work with you and for you; you need to take care and work with them in such times.

They call us from anywhere and we will be able to assist them to get the best medical outcome and care as needed.