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About Us

Action speaks louder than words. GrandOpinion is all about care and action

GrandOpinion is an ultimate quality provider of expert medical opinions and access to its best in the industry specialists. We enable you and your loved ones to receive the top quality care they deserve. Time is of the essence especially when it is about your loved ones and when needed most.

Birth of GrandOpinion

Trust, Quality, Expertise and Time are the four pillars holding the strong foundation of GrandOpinion. Our founder with his friend in New York had a serious medical discussion about a family member who was misdiagnosed and had to undergo an unnecessary surgery costing their family a fortune. Money is never a criteria when it comes to saving a life and treatment of your loved ones but the key word is right treatment. Life is precious and so is right medical diagnosis. Medicine is not black or white. Continuing the discussion it was revealed the surgery was not needed to begin with since the report and entire diagnosis was misinterpreted. Medical review of the reports by experts in other cities and abroad confirmed the same.

What happened here

Emotional trauma for everyone, stress and roller-coaster ride for the family and a fortune spent to get nowhere. Do we deserve this?

What happened next

GrandOpinion was born; conceptualized a simple model so no family goes through the above stress and trauma. One always deserves a second chance in life and so does your health; give it a right second opinion, be it GrandOpinion

Providers are the best judge of the medical conditions but don't be an emotional victim. Be rational and vigilant

In short GrandOpinion is for

Individuals and families that confront serious health related issues - GrandOpinion speeds up the process by which a user can get accurate clinical diagnosis - from weeks to only few days. We can measure and quantify our parameters unlike others. Time is of the essence

Corporations, Institutions and Insurance by helping them reduce healthcare expenses - GrandOpinion considerably reduces companies' medical expenses and helps its workers and employees to be active sooner and on track by providing best and accurate clinical diagnosis with options for treatments to begin with

Eminent Physicians who are part of our strong and expert medical team to provide medical outcomes that are worth bragging about. You have a chance to be on a global medical community platform that connects and brings only the best to deliver the best

How we do it?

We have created a virtual clinic that matches users with a medical expert who specializes in that particular medical condition. Grand Opinion use a simple flow "right diagnosis to be made at the right time"

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