GrandOpinion: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Grand panel so you get the best Opinion. No compromise and no shortcuts

( We know you have lot of questions; we all do. Hope we have answered most of them below. If not, then please don't hesitate to send us an email or call us to speak with our care specialist )

An accurate diagnosis is critical to getting the best treatment. That's why doctors suggest getting a second opinion before almost all non-emergency surgeries, long term treatments and major operations. If you are unsure or just want to confirm your current course of treatment, a second opinion can help give you confidence that you are getting the most appropriate treatment.
No, we do not need you to get any additional medical tests or treatments. We ask you some questions about your case and review your medical records (you can either send us your records or we can go get them for you).
No. All you have to do is call us at GrandOpinion telephone number provided on our website to start the process. Once you are confirmed eligible for the service, we will ask you to complete the necessary forms giving us authorization to act on your behalf. We then do the rest.
Our consulting physicians are the leaders in their fields. They are recruited from premier research hospitals and based on recommendations only. Physicians are selected based on peer recommendations, research and publishing in high-impact journals.
We've worked hard to make getting a second opinion with us really simple. All you have to do is answer some questions about your case and either send us your medical records or tell us where they are and we'll go get them. Then we'll review your records and match you with the top specialist that will examine your case and recommend a treatment option.
We will collect your digital copy of your medical records and provide the records to a member of our medical panel. Our consulting physician will write a second opinion. The report will address exactly the areas you specified when we asked you "How can we help?" In the meantime, our case coordinator will keep you updated daily on the status of your case and on the latest research on your condition from top hospitals and Universities. Also, followup questions and queries as part of the opinion. Apart from this GrandOpinion offers a LIVE connect via a phone or a video call with the specialist.
The fee for GrandOpinion is standard and not variable. We have made sure you best available opinion is offered to you at the most reasonable price. Typically, a second opinion costs starts at $399 per consult, but this may be covered by your insurance; please check with your provider to see if this is the case. We do offer phone or video consult as an ad-on with this consult at no additional charge. The cost to have GrandOpinion may be covered by your employer as a benefit. Make sure you check with your HR about this benefit
GrandOpinion offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your consultation, we will offer you another consult with our panel specialist at no charge. However, GrandOpinion will not refund the amount once case is sent ahead.
Getting a second opinion for serious diagnoses is a reasonable and responsible thing to do. Your doctor should understand this. With GrandOpinion, you can request a second opinion without letting your doctor know in most states.
We currently do not accept insurance and other benefits as a form of payment. Our service is direct to the user however, your employer may sign up and your insurance may refund you for the same amount as a claim. For many patients and their families, the cost of the service is far outweighed by the value they get out of using it. Consider using your HSA account to pay for GrandOpinion; this would be an excellent way to use our solution.
Yes, we meet or exceed all requirements for protecting personal health information (PHI) of patients. We do this using technology and smart business practices. The technology we employ encrypts and stores all PHI securely while still allowing for the physician to access critical information easily and quickly. Our business practice is to only collect the information we need at the time we need it. For example, we do not collect or store PHI until after a patient decides to become a client and we carefully segregate PHI from general user information and data.
Yes. GrandOpinion is available in all over the world. We have run cases for patients on 10 different countries. So long as we can collect your medical records, we can run a second opinion on your behalf.