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Improving Outcomes - one case at a time

ThatBusinessShow with your host, Jamie Meloni

Joining Jamie Meloni today was Ashish Dhar with GrandOpinion. GrandOpinion is a way for people all around the world to get access to medical specialists in many various fields. GrandOpinion offers second opinions of medical diagnoses and procedures to the patient who isn’t too sure about their prognosis. Ashish connects these patients to specialists all over the nations who use their knowledge to give their opinion on what the patient is suffering from and how to properly treat that ailment. The main goal of GrandOpinion is to avoid the tragedy of misdiagnoses.

Dated : 3rd Sep, 2015

Dealing with the Cancer: Taking the Road to Life

A positive never say die attitude, a good doctor, right diagnosis and treatment definitely assures that dealing with cancer you are still taking the right road to life!

GrandOpinion is an ultimate quality provider of expert medical opinions and access to its best in the industry specialists.

Dated : 11th May 2015

Global Development Foundation

GrandOpinion in support of GDF and Inauguration of "Seniors Health, Medical and Sanitation Services" SHMSS at Delhi, India

Dated : 5th April 2015

ATB (Aravali Trail Blazers) Proudly Presents "Trail-A-Thon: Extend Your Limits!!!"

Serco Trail-A-Thon, powered by ATB is a challenging Ultra Running event being organized in the tricky, thorny and rocky terrains of Aravali Range, Gurgaon in the vicinity of Delhi & Faridabad. The Trail is known as Manger Trail.

Dated : 22nd February 2015

Kashmiri Americans offer telemedicine to flood victims in Jammu & Kashmir

As fears grew over potential spread of water-borne diseases in the flood-ravaged Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmiri Americans today offered telemedicine facility through Skype and phone to the affected people in the state.
The Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA), in partnership with Grand Opinion, has decided to provide free consultations to the flood-ravaged people in anticipation of medical and infectious diseases to avoid morbidity and mortality, a statement said.

Dated : 15th September 2014