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Anesa Ahamad, MD, FACR, DABR

Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Anesa Ahamad is an award-winning oncologist with experience in the USA, Europe and developing countries. She champions the right of her patients to best care.  She ensures that the optimum treatment strategies and techniques are tailored to patients, their tumor type, stage, and molecular structure.  She communicates painstakingly with patients and their family and friends. She hosts interactive radio shows about cancer and continues to author key textbooks and to lecture internationally.  She enjoys the creativity of teamwork with fellow physicians and is a faculty alumna of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston.

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Dr Anesa Ahamad is Trinidad and Tobago’s first female oncologist. She rose from a humble background to become a leading specialist in her homeland. Confident and compassionate, Dr Ahamad is dedicated to alleviating the pain and suffering of cancer patients. She is fervent about bringing to them the best treatment that is available around the world. She is a founding member of the Physician’s Advisory Cancer Team (PACT), a free service that gives cancer patients the opportunity to have their cases reviewed for treatment recommendations. She also served as a consultant to the Trinidad and Tobago government on the establishment of a national oncology programme and the National Oncology Centre. This centre will offer chemotherapy and the latest radiation treatments to patients. The facility will be equipped to deal with more than 1,300 cases in the first year of its opening. This is important in a country like Trinidad and Tobago, where cancer is the second leading cause of illness and death. The centre will also cater for patients in the region.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Houston, TX (Fellowship)

The Christie Hospital  Clinical Oncology (Medical and Radiation Oncology)  Manchester, UK, (Residency)

The Royal College of Radiologists Clinical Oncology London, UK (Residency)

The Port-of-Spain General Hospital Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, (Internship)

Addenbrooke and Papworth Hospitals Cambridge, UK (Internship)

Radiation Oncology

Distinguished Alumni, UWI

The University of Manchester Prize for Outstanding Performance, MSc in Oncology

Recognition Award for Community Service, United Nations Systems / Government of Trinidad and Tobago

The Undergraduate Guild Alpha Omega Award (Most Outstanding All-round Student, Faculty of Medicine), UWI

The Commonwealth Scholarship Award for Undergraduates (Overseas Elective), UWI

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