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Pariksith Singh, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Pariksith Singh, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and he has rich practical experience. While undergoing his MD, he received the best residency for 3 consecutive years. He treats conditions/performs procedures like allergy, medical, nuclear, echocardiogram, EKG, holter monitor, stress testing, diabetes, routine pelvic exam, musculoskeletal, osteoporosis, bone density, infrared light therapy, management, ultrasound, pulmonary function, physical therapy, rehabilitation medicine, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorder, spine, carotid artery, vascular study and walk-in.

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Dr. Singh determined to study medicine at age 15, out of a desire to help others.  Although this sounds idealistic, Dr. Singh helps his patients and the Access family every day – his genuine care for others’ well-being is evident in his interactions with patients.  Dr. Singh finds it gratifying to be able to help save a life or a limb – he is committed to educating patients on healthy lifestyles and successful management of chronic conditions. 

  • Mount Sinai Elmhurst Services in New York Medical School, NY (MD)

Dr. Parikhsith Singh has a rich experience in medical practice of over 30 years. Besides, he is associated with medical practice in diverse roles like practicing phnysician, teacher, mentor, writer, student and facilitator. He has witnessed novel transformations in the medical practice. He is a firm believer of customer service and strives his best to achieve it. He started a Medicare HMO, assembled an ACO together and became the foremost IPA in three counties in Florida and created one of the best infra-structure available.

American Board of Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine

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