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Jayanth Rao, MD

Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Rao is an excellent well renowned oncologist and working currently as a Medical Director at the Florida Regional Medical Centers, Inc. He is a board certified specialist in the field of Internal Medicine/Geriatric Medicine and Radiation Oncology

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Dr. Jayanth Rao has worked extensively on Prostrate Cancer, breast cancer and gynecological cancer. Participated in NSABP and SWOG protocol for treatment of breast, prostate, lung, cervix, GI tumors, etc. He has been a past Chairman - Department of Radiology/Radiation Oncology at American Association of Physician Specialists. WithMember Royal College of Physicians from UK; Dr. Rao is a dual fellow both in Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology and Radiation Oncology- Clinical "Brachytherapy" "Hyperthermia". With a license to Practice in multple states in US; Dr. Rao is one of the finest and well respected specialits that possess tremendous experience and loves to share his knowledge amongst junior doctors worldwide through training and seminars

  • University of CA Irvine/Long Beach VA Medical Center, Long Beach, California (Internship)
  • Long Beach Memorial Hospital Research Fellow, Hyperthermia & Brachytherapy, Long Beach, California (Fellowship)
  • Radiation Oncology - Clinical, University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas (Fellowship)
  • Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology - Singleton General and Llanelli Hospital, South Wales, (Fellowship)
  • Member Royal College of Physicians, Ireland, UK, (MRCP)
  • Gandhi Medical College, Osmania University, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh (MBBS)


Licensure and Certifications

  • Medical Council of Hyderabad, Andhra-Pradesh,India
  • Medical Council of India, New Delhi. Certificate of Good Standing and Registration
  • General Medical Council, London, United Kingdom
  • State of New York Licensed
  • State of California Licensed
  • State of Kansas Licensed
  • State of Florida Licensed

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • Member Royal College of Physicians. Ireland, U.K.
  • Member British Medical Association
  • Member "Texas Radiology Society"
  • Member American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO)
  • Member American Medical Society
  • Member Florida Medical Society
  • Member Citrus County Medical Society
  • Member American Association of Physician Specialists
  • Member of American Brachytherapy Society
  • Member of International Brachytherapy! Endocurietherapy Society
  • Member of the National "Collaborative Group" on Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer Treated with Brachytherapy
  • Participated (Panel Member) in setting guidelines and new standards for treatment of Breast, Prostate, Head & Neck, and Gynecological Cancers
  • NOCR Panel of Consultants. "Advances and Controversies in the Management of Breast and Colorectal Cancers"Denver, CO
  • NOCR (Consultant). Discussion of Difficult Case Management in Head & Neck, Breast, Lung, Prostate Cancers. Washington DC


  • Represented the State Schools and Universities "Cricket Team" in the All India Championships
  • Institute of Medical Sciences- Osmania Medical College "Workshop on Hearts". Awarded
  • Captained "Hyderabad Medical Colleges Cricket XI''. Awarded "Best All-Around Cricketer" trophy in the All India Championships
  • Adjudged "Best Outgoing Sportsman of the College"
  • Captained "Hyderabad Medical Colleges". Tennis Team and Track and Field Team
  • Instructor in Brachytherapy/Research Fellow and
  • Hyperthemia (Long Beach Medical Center)

Poster Presentation and Symposiums

  • CT based 3-D reconstruction, planning and treatment for High Dose Rate Brachytherapy of Prostate "A unique approach".
  • Fusion technology for lung, prostate, head and neck cancers analysis of 50 patients.
  • Organized the regional two-day cancer symposium on "Advances in Brachytherapy" Ocala 1997
  • Organized and spoke at two day North East Prostate Cancer Symposium and Workshop on High Dose Rate Brachytherapy of Breast, Prostate, Head, and Neck Cancers.
  • International (Workshop) on Prostate Cancer. Orlando. June 2001
  • Rao GJ, Aurora GD, and Camara J. "Difference in monitor omit/fraction delivered to tumor on the basis of isocenter created from dedicated 3-D CT images." Presented at AAPM Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA. July 1996. Medical Physics, 23 (6) 1038 1977
  • Arora GD, Rao GJ, and Barrabe K. Qualifying tumor volume in cancer patients following radiation treatments presented in 1994. American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • Annual Meeting. Milwaukee, WI. July 1997 Medical Physics 24 (6) 1033 1997. Arora GD, Rao GJ, and Barefield DR. The x-ray CT based 3-D High Dose Rate Brachytherapy. Medical Physics 25 (6) 1998.
  • Rao GJ, Arora GD, and Newman AJ. Utilization of a dedicated CT scanner for High Dose Rate Interstitial Brachytherapy. ASTRO. Phoenix, AZ. October1998.
  • Arora GD, Rao GJ, and Newman AJ. Recent advancement in interstitial and intravascular Brachytherapy. Indian Medical Physics Journal

Clinical Trials

  • Participated in several Phase I and Phase II Drug Trials with cyotoxic chemotherapy in the treatment of breast, lung, and ovarian carcinoma, melanoma, and sarcomas (CB1027, Diadox, Platium Analogues) and combination schedules in multiple drug resistant phenotypes.
  • Participated in NSABP and SWOG protocol for treatment of breast, prostate, lung, cervix, GI tumors, etc.

Research Projects and Publications

  • Temporary Iridium- 192 implant in the management of carcinoma of prostate cancer, Vol. 69 No. 10 May 15th 1992.
  • Analysis of (200) patients treated primarily with interstitial implantation with Syed/Neblett template technique and radio frequency hyperthermia (oncotherm) in advanced prostatic carcinoma. 1994.
  • HDR Prostate Collaborative Group Recommendations- ASTRO Abstract and accepted for publication- Internal Journal of Radiation Oncology.
  • High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer: "New Trends, Technical
  • Innovations" two year data on 200 patients - submitted, in publication
  • Retrospective analysis of 600 patients with primary breast cancer treated with interstitial implant and surgery comparing results of radiation alone in those with positive resected margins. Breast cancer with silastic implantation. A study of 25 patients treated with interstitial implantations with/without hyperthermia - 1997
  • University of Miami "Sylvester Cancer Center" June 1998.
  • Ocala Regional Cancer Symposium (1999) "Brachytherapy Boost for Head and Neck Cancers".
  • Guest speaker at University of Miami Cancer Center "New Trends in Brachytherapy and Pointers for Technical Improvements".
  • Amarillo, Lubbock, and Dallas Medical Association of Oncology. Guest Speaker April 2003. "Controversies in Prostate Cancer Management"
  • Guest Speaker at 17th International Prostate Cancer Symposium and Workshop at the Hyatt, Kissimmee, Orlando. 1999
  • Guest Speaker and Moderator at 18th International Prostate Cancer Workshop, Long Beach, California. Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
  • Dallas Prostate Institute and Lubbock Cancer Institute. Guest Speaker on Prostate
  • HDR- "ABS Treatment Guidelines"
  • "New and Future Developments in Radiotherapy (IMRT, Brachytherapy, and Tomotherapy)" Seventh Annual International Conference sponsored by Wayne State University. Miami, FL. November 2003. "Faculty"